I wrote this when I woke up yesterday in Stockholm. I upload this now that I am back in The Netherlands. I am currently shooting and editing my last video blog.

I’ve really enjoyed my time here in Sweden and I’ve met great people, but like always all good things must come to an end. I miss my family and friends at home. It is time to go back to them.

My time in Sundsvall ended around 2 weeks ago ( a video blog of that is still coming ). Me and 2 other Dutch guys decided to hang out in Stockholm for a week and after that join up with other Erasmus students in Gotland for a few days.


We have been partying non stop. It was awesome. Stockholm was beautiful and Gotland was even more beautiful. We had a perfect view on the sun going doing. We enjoyed it so much that we just sat there for at least an hour and looked at the sky. I’ve never seen and/or felt a moment more perfect than that one.


But I am ready to go back. I know that when back home, I’ll get into a ritme, the same ritme I was in before coming to Sweden. I don’t like that ritme. It consist too much of stuff I must do. These past 6 months I’ve mostly done things I want to do. I never felt forced or pressured. I just went with the flow whenever I wanted to.

“Home” will probably never be the same for me, but neither will Sweden after I leave. So I accept the fact that I going towards the ritme, but I am determined to do keep this feeling freedom and youth.

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