Day Three: About me & My room

First: Don’t mind my hand. Those bastards go everywhere :S . Second: All the info I would provide is below. Third: I do not have a proper microphone, so I just use the built-in mic of my camera. I’ll try something else next time. This video has bad quality sound…. Facebook: Twitter: @JeffreyG_ Instagram: […]

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Day one: The arrival
Jumbo Stay

It has been a long, long, looong day for me. I arrived in Sweden around 01:00. I went straight to a hotel from the airport. I needed to get some sleep A.S.A.P. I stayed at Jumbo Stay. It’s an old airplane that they turned into a small hotel.  It’s pretty awesome. I woke up, a […]

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Quick Message: I’ll be in Sweden for 6 months

For those that don’t know. I am going to study in Sweden for six months starting somewhere in January. Now you know. I haven’t bought a ticket or packed anything yet. I still need to pass a subject before I may leave. I’ll have to do that first. I’ll update this blog a lot. I’ll […]

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