For those that don’t know.
I am going to study in Sweden for six months starting somewhere in January.
Now you know.

I haven’t bought a ticket or packed anything yet. I still need to pass a subject before I may leave. I’ll have to do that first.

I’ll update this blog a lot. I’ll post a lot of images and videos. I even bought a DSLR. Not for the image capturing, I just wanted one.

Until now only my family and and a few friends knew. Every time I told one of them I would be going to live in Sweden for half a year, I got the same few questions. To save me from some of the hassle I’ll answers some of the questions in this post. It’s a short FAQ.

Why are you going to study abroad?
In the 3rd year of CMD al students have to do a minor. A minor is 1 semester of study in a subject related to the main course. I chose to study a few subjects in Sweden

Why go to Sweden for that, you could do a minor here?
I just wanted a change of pace. New year, new experiences.

Why choose Sweden? it’s cold
I randomly picked a school from a list. I am ok with Sweden. I’ve heard good stories and Sweden is pretty good with tech, so I think I’m good. The cold thing could be a problem for me. I don’t handle cold that well. But we’ll see.

That’s that. I’ll make the trip soon. Don’t know exactly when. I’ll update my blog when I know.

One thought to “Quick Message: I’ll be in Sweden for 6 months”

  • Senny

    Ben benieuwd Jef! Vergeet ons niet op de hoogte te houden en geniet ervan!!


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