Jumbo Stay

It has been a long, long, looong day for me. I arrived in Sweden around 01:00. I went straight to a hotel from the airport. I needed to get some sleep A.S.A.P. I stayed at Jumbo Stay. It’s an old airplane that they turned into a small hotel.  It’s pretty awesome.

Jumbo Stay

I woke up, a few hours later, fresh and ready to go. Had some breakfast at the hotel and got ready for a 5 hour train ride. That trip was long and super boring.. The swedish scenery was awesome though. I’ve never seen a winter wonderland like this.

After finally arriving in Sundsvall I got a taxi and got to my apartment/room. I’ll make a short video tomorrow. Parked my stuff and visited the Mid Sweden University. This campus is beautiful. I walked past it 2 times thinking it was just a random set of good-looking buildings. After asking a few times, I finally understood that those buildings were the school campus. I didn’t make any pictures (I did not bring my camera) but I will make some tomorrow.

I talked to some people about the curriculum and got some info about the university. And that’s all settled. I’ll start with the courses on monday. After that I went for a walk and saw the beautiful city of Sundsvall. It was already dark out so I could not make a lot of great pictures. These are the ones that came out good.

I don’t have anything planned tomorrow. So I’ll probably go into the city again and make better pictures.

2014-01-30 18.17.55

2014-01-30 18.17.02

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