I am officially done with school. Summer has started for me. I just got the grade for my last subject and I finished and premiered our short movie. It turned out perfect! Right now I am just hanging out in Sweden enjoying the weather and enjoying my vacation. I want to make a good video blog to finish this all up, but I haven’t been long enough in my room these past few days. I have been going around town a lot.

So that’s why I am making this quick post. I’ll add all the stuff I couldn’t add due to me being too busy and sometimes too lazy.

First. I’ve updated my Flickr with hundreds of photos, all of them unedited. Some of them are still uploading. Have a look at how Sundsvall looks without snow!

Now the video blogs for our short film!

I’ll post the short movie in a separate post. It needs its own space!

Video blog 2

Video blog 3

Video blog 4

I’ll try to get to video blogging asap.
In the meantime enjoy out video blogs for the movie and our movie when I post it next.


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