Instead of graduating as normal student, I decided in to stay in school an extra 6 months do a project in Japan. This project called Design Across Cultures was a collaboration between Kyushu University and my school the Amsterdam university of Applied Sciences. During this project I worked with an international team of designers and a cultural researcher (2 Japanese industrial designers, 1 Chinese cultural researcher and 1 Chinese dutch game designers) to create Find Fukuoka. During this project I was the user experience designer and videographer.

Find Fukuoka is a new form of welcome in the Fukuoka International Terminal. When people arrive at the airport a big yamakasa float statue will welcome them, next to the statue is a big board where you van get a postcard folder and a compact information cards. Each card has a front with information about how to use transport in and around Fukuoka. The back of the card shows an image of an interesting place in Fukuoka. The set consists out of 8 different cards, travelers pick and choose the cards they need and/or want, put them in the postcards folders and they are ready to enjoy Fukuoka!

Impression of the whole project in Japan.

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