Hemelswater is a side project gone big. Together with my teammates and coach during my graduation project, we came up with the idea to make beer from rainwater. Everybody, even our client was hesitant is this would work and even be safe. But after homebrewing a batch and testing that batch in a lab we found out that the beer was perfectly safe. So we went up to a local brewery and presented the idea to brew beer from locally caught rain water and after that everything just got moving. We brew thousand of beers, got national and international attention from the media and the beer is selling in bars, cafes, and local supermarkets. During this whole process, I was the visual designer. I designed the presentations and promotional material. I also created the first label, logo, and illustration. The ones you see on the image above. In fall 2016 I had to leave the project because I was going to do another project in Fukuoka, Japan.

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